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Rubber Coated Steel Hooks – 6 pcs

Handy solution for all your storage and organization needs. This set of 6 high-quality hooks is designed to provide a secure and versatile way to hang tools or accessories, ensuring your workspace remains neat and efficient.

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Simple Installation

The hook and rail system are designed for quick and easy installation, compatible with standard screws or bolts, allowing you to mount them anywhere.


Protective Rubber Coating

Each hook features a robust rubber coating, which not only protects your tools from scratches but also offers a non-slip surface to keep them in place.



Designed to be mounted on the rail, this flexible system enables you to customize your workspace layout with minimal effort and quickly change the hook position.


Space Utilization

The compact design of this system helps maximize your workspace by keeping tools and accessories organized and off the ground, reducing clutter and improving accessibility.

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