For multihorse 4in1


Introducing the Tilt & Rise, an optional clamping station and workbench attachment for your 4in1 Multihorse that redefines versatility and precision in your woodworking projects.

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Quick Attachment

With a simple and intuitive design, it can be easily attached to your Craftmaker 4in1 Multihorse. Spend less time setting up and more time creating.


Multi-Angle Worktop

The Tilt & Rise allows for seamless adjustment of angles, providing you with unparalleled accuracy in cutting, shaping, and assembling materials.


Space-Saving Foldability

Features a convenient foldable design, allowing it to be easily collapsed and stored away when not in use. Perfect for workshops of all sizes.


Highly versatile

From intricate woodworking to professional carpentry, the Tilt & Rise caters to a wide range of applications. An indispensable tool for any craftsman looking to elevate their work.

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